Thousands of restaurants have already discovered the power of CMSText!

Everyone with a cell phone carries it wherever they go. Customers are already texting inside your restaurant – so why not take advantage of that…….It’s simple…… People don’t redeem paper coupons like they used to. It’s a hassle to print them, cut them out, and remember to keep them in your pockets. But people have their phones with them at all times and so the redemption rates for mobile coupons are much higher when compared to paper coupons.

Not every day is a busy day. Texting your offers is an effective way to turn your slow days into busy ones without planning weeks ahead of time. CMSText gives you the ability to schedule future promotions or send out an instant promotion if you’re having a slow night.

Here’s an example:
  • 2-for-1 specials
  • Discounts (20% off your next purchase)
  • Free stuff (get a free appetizer with your next purchase)
  • Important announcements
  • Promote special offers & VIP programs
  • Send a text promoting a new menu item or a special event being held at your venue.
  • Text a lunch special at 10AM and see a huge increase in sales come lunch time.

Restaurants see by far the greatest return on investment from CMSText marketing. On average restaurants are receiving coupon redemption rates of 10-30% per text marketing campaign.

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