Car Washes

Text message marketing for car washes is a natural fit. Your customers wash their car typically once a month. Using mobile text marketing is a great way to increase their frequency.

Car washes, especially full service ones can benefit from building a SMS opt-in list of their customers. You can take advantage of changes in the weather, slow business days or the announcement of full service specials. When you send out your advertising message to your subscribers in the morning, they have your offer on their phone all day with them. Make the offer only good for that day or weekend and you will be able to drive traffic to your business.

This isn’t a direct mail piece or newspaper in which the customer will have to cut it out and bring it into the car with them. No one these days leaves their home without their car and cell phone. It is a great match for car washes to take advantage of text message marketing.

Advertising you Mobile VIP Club is easy. We provide you the marketing materials for your business. If you use direct mail and newspaper advertising you can incorporate your mobile VIP club, just ask customers to join to receive special exclusive offers. Give your potential customers something of real value to take the action and join your mobile VIP Club. Once people text your keyword to the 49798 short code their mobile number is automatically added to your list.

Now you can send an advertising message to palm of your customers’ hand. Having a slow day? Send out a text message with a coupon offer and you won’t be for long.

Why Mobile?

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