If you run a spa or salon, you know that the beauty business can get pretty ugly. Missed appointments, slow days, and one-time customers who never show their face again.

Get A Marketing Makeover and These Issues Will Disappear!

These issues can all disappear with a much-needed marketing makeover. How? The Solution is Simple — Texting!

  • Eliminate no-shows with text message reminders
  • Keep customers coming back with follow-up reminders
  • Speed up slow days with time-sensitive discounts

Tanning Salons have been among the top performers for text message marketing. Utilizing the power of the CMSText platform, tanning salons are seeing increases in coupon redemption with mobile marketing versus paper coupons.

Text a package or single visit special when business is slow and watch it pick up quick. With CMSText, Salons (Hair, Nail, Tanning…) can stay in touch with their clients easily, fill empty days, and generate more visits per year.

When clients visit the salon, ask them to join your Mobile VIP Club so you can send them reminders and exclusive specials. Collect hundreds of cell phone #s of your clients and you have a powerful direct marketing channel.

Have a cancellation? Instead of losing that hour of business, you can send out a blast to your customers with a special deal to fill the spot.

Here are some ideas:
  • On mornings when the appointment book is light, send out a message with a special and watch how many customers call in.
  • Hold a Contest, let random patrons win free salon service if they send a text.
  • Send out a Text to your Mobile VIP Club and make a slow day BUSY!
  • Send a Coupon, “10% off” on a particular day, or of certain products.
  • Advertise your Mobile VIP Club in your print & radio ads. Make them interactive!
  • Increase product sales
  • TODAY ONLY! Get a FREE PEDICURE with any manicure ($15 value!)

Why Mobile?

How Mobile Works