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In today’s society, cell phones are not an option, but a necessity! Modern cell phone technology allows consumers not only the ability to keep in touch with family and friends, but also the ability to conduct business, access email, sync with computers, access the internet, send and receive photos and files, and more.

Currently, there are over 193 BILLION text messages sent every month in the United States. On average, these messages are being read in less than 4 minutes after receipt. Up until recent, text messaging was associated with exchanges between family and friends. Now text messaging is being used as a business tool. The ability to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message, has always been the goal of every marketer. Consumers relocating, changing their email addresses, and dropping their land lines have all been natural disruptive forces for the marketer. All of the reasons above led to the introduction of Mobile Text Marketing (SMS marketing).

SMS or Text Marketing is becoming increasing popular for business owners because of the immediate, concise, and unobtrusive nature of a 160 character text message. Nearly every mobile phone is capable of sending and receiving SMS messages and most Americans carry their mobile phones at all times. Text marketing delivers excellent response rates for businesses that introduce mobile marketing into their marketing initiative – sometimes with a ROI upward of 30%. Now is the right time to jump into the world of Mobile Text Marketing and establish an unlimited source of income, with immediate and residual results.

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