Why Mobile?

“It’s clear that retailers who don’t embrace Mobile phone technology in the coming year will be left behind. Much as those retailers who sat on the sidelines during the early days of digital or social media are now playing catchup.” — AdvertisingAge

Mobile Makes you Money!

CMSText leads the way in innovative marketing techniques thanks to its capability to let you address your customers individually. By adding CMSText marketing to your advertising mix you will be ahead of your competition! Our personal service makes it easy and we will be with you every step of the way.

CMSText provides you the flexibility to accumulate a database of customers who have visited your business. It is important to remember mobile marketing is permissioned based. Simply, this means your customers are required to give permission to have promotions sent to their cell phone. The benefit of a permissioned database are that these are customers who know you and like your business, and are telling you that they want you to send them your announcements, promotions, discounts and special offers.

98% of text messages (SMS) are read, and generally acted upon, within 4 minutes of receiving them. Why? Because we typically only get text messages from someone we know or a business we have given permission to send a text message to us.

Mobile marketing gives a very high rate of response. Why? Your marketing to people that want you to send them information on your business and they read your advertising almost instantly from the moment you send it to them. Since they know you and like you they are much more likely to take advantage of your offer.

  • Mobile Marketing is less expensive and produces 10 to 30% response rates
  • Paper coupons have less than 1% redemption rate
  • 98% of mobile messages are read in an average of 4 minutes
  • SMS is a non spam technology and consumers provide their permission – They want your message
  • For every dollar invested in mobile, the average client generates $17 to $42 in revenue
  • Viral/Word of mouth-Your clients will forward your promotion to their friends and grow your database for you!
  • There are approximately 305 million wireless subscribers in the United States
  • Over 193 Billion text messages are sent every month in the United States
  • 21 – 49 year olds account for 73% of All Text Messages
  • 40 to 55 year olds is the fastest growing text message demographic
  • There are 2 times as many active SMS users then there are active users of email

CMSText gives you the opportunity to increase customer traffic to your business at a low price point and the highest response rate of any form of marketing. You can generate customer traffic like you never thought possible by using CMSText and a minimal amount of marketing dollars!

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